HeatX Increases Heat Exchanger Performance
while Reducing Corrosion & Fouling Maintenance Issues

Economic losses related to heat exchanger fouling in industrialized nations are estimated to be between 0.25% to 30% of GDP. Furthermore, approximately 15% of maintenance costs in processing plants are attributable to heat exchangers and boilers, with half of those costs caused by fouling.

HeatX is a revolutionary nano coating specifically developed for the Oil & Gas industry and optimized for performance under extreme conditions.

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Corrosion Resistance

Prevent corrosion which weakens and cracks tubes resulting in leaks. Delay rust buildup which disrupts flow and decreases performance. Extend the “useful life” of your assets.

Fouling Shield

Prevent tube blockages and combat the accumulation of unwanted material. Fouling increases downtime, poses costly clean-ups, and pollutes the environment.

Erosion Protection

Prevent wearing of tubbing and metal loss. Remain competitive and reduce energy costs by anticipating erosion before it happens.  

What is HeatX?

A revolutionary nano coating that increases heat exchanger performance while extending system lifetime through superior corrosion and fouling resistance.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Water-and-oil compatible nano coating material allows for use in mixed-phase and oleic systems.
  • Extreme thinness of the nano coating (< 4 mil DFT), allows for negligible change in exchanger thermal efficiency.
  • Treated material is compatible with a variety of different inspection techniques (eddy current, boroscope, leak testing)
  • Resistant to abrasive wear due to particulate contaminants. Capable of surviving intake silt from unprocessed, unfiltered sea water.


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